Aadhaar must for web-access to Survey of India maps

Survey of India Portal Nakshe

  • The country’s oldest scientific organisation and official maker of maps.
  • It set up a web portal called Nakshe (http://soinakshe.uk.gov.in/)
  • The portal allows 3,000 of its 7,000 maps to be downloaded for free.
  • The one would require an Aadhaar number for such access.

Why Aadhaar made mandatory

  • The Aadhaar is to ensure that only Indians are able to access this portal.

SoI maps

  • Prepared for defence and civilian purposes — are considered a standard reference for the shape, extent and geographic features of the country.
  • It will make it easier for residents of villagers and panchayats to readily access information which meant only for citizens.

 How the portal helps

  • Currently, organisations and people who want specific maps need to fill forms and sometimes visit the SoI.
  • Ministries themselves had to pay to get certain maps.
  • The new Aadhaar linked portal made all Indians be able to get these maps for free

The Aadhaar War

The government has moved to making several services available through Aadhaar. This too is a major step forward. The government has passed orders to route a variety of citizen services — from scholarships to subsidies — to possessing an Aadhaar or Aadhaar enrolment number.

Source : The Hindu


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