Project Belle-II moves a step forward

About Belle II

  • Experiment is designed to study violations of the Standard Model of particle physics.
  • High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation (KEK) completed the rolling-in of the Belle-II experiment in Tsukuba, Japan.
  • Belle II is a grand collaboration of 700 scientists from 23 countries.

India in the Belle II

  • Belle-II has a significant Indian participation both on experimental and theoretical sides.
  • It is a six-layer, highly sensitive particle detector.
  • The fourth layer of the which is at the heart of Belle-II, has been built by Indian scientists.
  • In 1998, when Indians in this field were working mostly with CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research), KEK approach India to participate in this project.
  • Scientist from various indtitute participate in this project.

What is Particle physics ?

  • It is the branch of physics that deals with the properties, relationships and interactions of subatomic particles.
  • Many technologies have been developed during these pioneering investigations that later find wide uses.
  • Particle accelerators are used to produce medical isotopes for research and treatment (for example, isotopes used in PET imaging), or used directly in external beam radiotherapy.

Why Particle Physics Experiment conducting ?

  • The primary goal, is to find and understand what physics may lie beyond the standard model.
  • There are several powerful experimental reasons to expect new physics, including dark matter and neutrino mass.
  • There are also theoretical hints that this new physics should be found at accessible energy scales.

Source : The Hindu

GS-II : Science and Technology


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