Silk Road journey


  • Started from Britain to China  along a modern-day “Silk Road” trade route.
  • Left from London Gateway container port on the River Thames estuary for Yiwu on the Chinese east coast.
  • It will take 18-day, 12,000-kilometre journey and will cement a new golden age of trade between the two countries as the U.K. leaves the European Union.

From China

  • The first train from China to Britain arrived on January 18
  • Filled with clothes and other retail goods,

How it Helpful

  • The rail route is cheaper than air freight and faster than sea freight,
  • It will offer logistics companies a new middle option.
  • Third kind of connectivity after Air and Sea

Journey Through 

The train will go through the Channel Tunnel before travelling across France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan before heading into China.

The Modern Silk Route

Technical Changes

The containers will be taken off and put on different wagons at the Belarus border, as the former Soviet Union countries use a wider rail gauge.

The containers switch back to standard gauge rails at the Chinese border, an operation that typically takes around two hours.

Source : The Hindu 



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