Wireless cameras to monitor newborns’ vital signs

About Developers

  • Swiss researchers have developed a wireless camera system to monitor vital signs in premature babies.
  • Contactless system created by researchers at the EPFL polytechnical university in Lausanne and at the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology, CSEM, in Neuchatel,
  • It could replace uncomfortable and highly inaccurate skin sensors.

Current Technique issues

  • Skin sensors are used for monitoring.
  • The skin sensors currently used to monitor vital signs in babies born prematurely generate false alarms in up to 90% of cases, mainly set off by the baby’s movement.


  • It will avoid the discomfort made by the sensors
  • Also a significant stress factor for nurses and a poor use of their time – it distracts them from managing real emergencies and can affect quality of care

How it works

  • The system should allow premature babies kept warm in neonatal incubators to be medically monitored using highly sensitive cameras.
  • These cameras detect the newborn’s pulse by detecting and analysing its skin colour, which changes ever so slightly every time its heart beats.
  • Breathing is monitored by measuring movements of its thorax and shoulders.
  • At night, infrared cameras take over, which means that monitoring can be carried out non-stop
  • The optical system was designed by CSEM researchers, who chose cameras sensitive enough to detect minute changes in skin colour.
  • The EPFL researchers designed algorithms to process the data in real time.

The cameras developed is under testing which gives similar output asa the conventional snesors

Source : Science Daily


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