Aadhaar Seeding Application launched


Outcome of the policy of the Government for use of information technology for efficient service delivery and widening the reach of EPF benefits.

Aadhaar Seeding Application

  • The EPFO has developed this Aadhaar seeding application with support of the Common Service Centers (CSC) and CDAC.
  • The CSCs are ICT enabled front end service delivery points at the village level for delivery of Government and private services.
  • With the implementation of Aadhaar Seeding Application, now Provident Fund member or pensioner can walk in any of the field offices of EPFO or CSC outlets with UAN & Aadhaar and seed the Aadhaar with the UAN.

Common Service Centres

  • An information and communication technology (ICT) access point created under the National e-Governance Project of the Indian government.
  • The project plan includes the creation of a network of over 100,000 CSCs throughout the country.
  • The CSC project was begun in 2006.
  • Project funding and implementation is through a public- private partnership

Source : PIB

GS II : Development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Human Resources


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