First detailed global Internet atlas developed

Scientists have developed the first global Internet Atlas  including a detailed map of the internets physical structure in India an advance that could help guard the infrastucture from terrorism or extreme weather events.

What is an internet Atlas ?

  • Internet Atlas is a new visualization and analysis portal for diverse Internet measurement data.
  • Atlas is a geographically anchored representation of the physical Internet including (i) nodes (e.g., hosting facilities and data centers), (ii) conduits/links that connect these nodes, and (iii) relevant meta data (e.g., source provenance).
  • This physical representation is built by using search to identify primary source data such as maps and other repositories of service provider network information.

About Global Internet Atlas

  • Internet Atlas developed by researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US and their collaborators.
  • Over 1,200 maps worldwide including India and all the data are connected using web search.
  • Mapping the physical internet helps stakeholders boost performance and guard against a number of threats, from terrorism to extreme weather.

Source : The Hindu


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