Red Beacon ban For VIP

Ending VIP culture, the Centre has decided no vehicles will have beacons except those of emergency services such as fire brigade and ambulance.

Key Facts

  • The cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the decision that will be effective May 1.
  • The rule will apply to vehicles with central and state governments and will also extend to the President, Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and other lawmakers.
  • The red beacon system, a rule under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, is being scrapped.
  • Rule 108 deals with use of red, blue and yellow beacon lights. A sub rule under this says some categories of vehicles of high dignitaries, which can be specified by the central or state government, can carry beacons.
  • Blue beacons, however, will be allowed on vehicles for defined emergency services including ambulance, fire brigade and police vehicles.

Red beacons are allowed for all cabinet ministers and those with the rank of cabinet ministers at the Centre. However, the number of dignitaries using red beacon is much larger in states. Recently, the Punjab government also curbed the use of red beacons by its ministers.

Source : The Hindu 

GS II : Structure, organization and functioning of the Executive and the Judiciary Ministries and Departments of the Government.


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