Bhutan backs out of motor vehicle pact

India’s plan for a sub-regional motor vehicle agreement faced a setback as the Bhutan government. It asked the other members of the ‘BBIN’ grouping to continue to operationalise it without Bhutan.

Key Facts

  • Bhutan government announced that it is not ready to go ahead with the process at present.
  • Bhutan decided to give its consent for the entry into force of the agreement among the 3 member-states without any obligation to Bhutan.
  • The agreement will enter into force for Bhutan after its ratification process is completed.

Why Bhutan withdraws ?

  • Decision to step out of the BBIN process comes on the back of severe domestic opposition to the motor vehicles agreement,
  • Primarily on fears of vehicular pollution and environmental degradation if trucks from neighbouring countries are given access to Bhutan,
  • Bhutan is a country that prides itself on its “carbon neutrality” and preserving the environment.

About BBIN

  • The Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal (BBIN) initiative is a sub regional architecture of countries in South Asia.
  • BBIN agreement aims to promote safe, environmentally sound and economical efficient road transport in the sub-region of BBIN.
  • The agreement will permit the member states to ply their vehicles in each other’s territory for transportation of cargo and passengers, including third country transport and personal vehicles.
  • It also seeks to help each member country to create an institutional mechanism for regional integration.
  • BBIN agreement will benefit member nations for mutual cross border movement of passenger and goods for overall economic development of the region.

Source : The Hindu

GS II : Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests


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