Aadhaar and mobile phones to make air travel

An attempt to minimise paperwork for air travel, the government is looking to roll out a digital system for airport entry and boarding flights using a flier’s Aadhaar number and mobile phone. The proposal came in the name DIGI YATRA

Proposed digi yatra

  • The civil aviation ministry is looking to make “boarding pass and security check-in” digital.
  • The ministry is working on the initiative to ensure the whole air travel experience is completely digital.
  • Under the initiative, there will be no need for any paper and the traveller will be securely identified through Aadhaar number, passport or other documents.
  • The government also decided to have a no-fly list in the wake of instances of unruly behaviour by air passengers.
  • If passengers behave in an unruly or disruptive manner and endanger the safety in an aeroplane, then he will not able to fly and are appropriately dealt with.

Source : Live Mint

GS II : Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation


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