Inauguration of Basava Jayanthi 2017

PM Narendra Modi, released the holy Vachanas of Basavanna, translated into 23 languages, and addressed an event to mark the inauguration of Basava Jayanthi 2017, and Golden Jubilee Celebration of Basava Samithi.

Basava Jayanthi

  • Basava Jayanthi is traditionally observed by the Lingayats and is observed as a holiday in the Indian state of Karnataka.
  • It marks the birthday of Basavanna, 12th-century poet-philosopher, and the founding saint of the Lingayat religion.
  • Government of Maharashtra and Karnataka declared Government Holiday on Basava jayanti.
  • Basavanna who established spiritual democracy called “Anubhava Mantapa” in the 12th century in India.
  • Anubhava Mantapa which is also called as the “FIRST PARLIAMENT CONCEPT OF THE WORLD”.
  • It gave practical solutions to all kind of problems mankind was suffering at that time.


Lingayatism is a version of Shaivite religious tradition in India. Its worship is centered on Hindu god Shiva as the universal god in the iconographic form of Ishtalinga. The adherents of this faith are known as Lingayats. Lingayatism was founded by the 12th-century philosopher and statesman Basava and spread by his followers, called Sharanas.

Source : Pib

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