GSLV Successfully Launches South Asia Satellite

India’s Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV-F09) successfully launched the 2230 kg South |Asia Satellite (GSAT-9) into its planned Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO).

Key Fact

  • Data from GSAT-9 will be shared with Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
  • It was also offered to Pakistan, which turned it down and India is also working with Afghanistan but a deal has still not be ironed out.
  • At least one transponder of this satellite will be available to the participating countries, which will help them connect with each other.
  • The satellite also has the capability to provide secure hot lines among the participating nations in addition since the region is highly prone to earthquakes, cyclones, floods, tsunamis.
  • The South Asia Satellite is India’s plan to counter China’s growing influence on its neighbours.

About the satellite

  • South Asia Satellite is a geosynchronous communications and meteorology satellite
  • The 2230-kg satellite’s main structure is cuboid in shape, built around a central cylinder with a mission life of more than 12 years.
  • The South Asia Satellite is now orbiting the Earth with a perigee (nearest point to Earth) of 169 km and an apogee (farthest point to Earth) of 36,105 km with an orbital inclination of 20.65 deg with respect to the equator.

About GSLV-F09

  • This is the fourth consecutive success achieved by GSLV carrying indigenously developed Cryogenic Upper Stage.
  • 49 metres tall and weighing around 450 ton, the GSLV is a three stage rocket.
  • The first stage is fired with solid fuel, the second with liquid fuel and the third is the cryogenic engine. 

Source : The Hindu

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