Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary star tortoises

Project of the Kerala Forest Department at the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) to rehabilitate Indian star tortoises (Geochelone elegans) seized from smugglers has turned into a major success. This makes the CWS the only rehabilitation centre for star tortoises in the country.

Indian Star Tortoise

  • Indian star tortoise (Geochelone elegans) is a threatened species of tortoise found in dry areas and scrub forest in India and Sri Lanka.tortoise
  • The main reason for threaten is the exotic pet trade.
  • They range from India,  extending west to Sindh province (Pakistan), and Sri Lanka.
  • Indian star tortoises are considered auspicious for gaining wealth.
  • It is the reason why Indian star tortoises, which are protected under the Wildlife Act, are poached and smuggled.

Rehabilitation of tortoises

  • CWS is the only place in Kerala where star tortoises are known to occur in the wild.
  • Sanctuary is now a haven for at least 450 such tortoises seized from poachers in less than two years.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS)

  • Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) is located in the Idukki district of Kerala state.
  • It is one of twelve wildlife sanctuaries among the protected areas of Kerala.
  • The Chinnar and Pambar rivers are the major perennial water resources in the sanctuary.

Source : The Hindu

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