Ice-free areas of Antarctica to increase by 2100

In News

Ice free areas may increase in Antarctica by 25% due to climate change, leading to drastic changes in the continent’s biodiversity, a study warns.

About the Study

  • Researchers, including those from University of Queensland (UQ) in Australia, investigated how ice-free areas in Antarctica may be affected by climate change.
  • Melting ice could create up to 17,000 square kilometre of new ice-free area across Antarctica – a 25% increase on current levels.
  • The majority of this melting would occur on the Antarctic Peninsula where the climate had already rapidly warmed.

Effect of ice-free area

  • Expansion of ice-free habitat could lead to new opportunities for Antarctic biodiversity.
  • The warmer conditions will also encourage invasive species to establish.

Source : Live Mint

GS I : Salient features of world’s physical geography

GS III : Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment



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