Mini Saturns created from charged liquid droplets

Why in news ?

Scientists have created miniature versions of Saturn, complete with rings, by electrifying tiny droplets of fluids.

What is It ?

When a drop ofelectrically conductive liquid is exposed to an electric field, the droplet774340592-MiniSaturn_6 responds by forming two electrically charged poles. These poles can get pulled towards the sources of the electric field, taking on cone shapes. If the pull is strong enough, the tips of the cones can spray jets of droplets. Experiments regarding this effect, known as electrospraying, often involved drops of liquid surrounded by less electrically conductive fluids. If an electric field is strong enough, researchers found that the equators of these squashed drops emit concentric rings of droplets, making the drops look like miniature versions of Saturn.

Electrospraying is a method of liquid atomisation by electrical forces.

Significance of the experiment

The advance may pave the way for generating microscopic and uniform particles and capsules which are often used in products such as drugs, inks, cosmetics and paints.

Source : Indian Express

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