Sensor network to map and predict pollution, effluents in Godavari

Why in news ?

U.S. researchers is working on a system to map undulating pollution trends in the Godavari, India’s second longest river.

About Sensor network

  • Using a mix of methods, including satellite-monitoring, traversing stretches of the

    Source : The Hindu

    river to collect water samples and using special sensors to measure bacterial and chemical pollution, the researchers are trying to develop a cost-effective forecast system.

  • Long-term objective is to be able to inform State officials and citizens of a probable spike in levels of dangerous microbes or effluents, similar to weather and air pollution forecasts.
  • The research and implementation teams intend to demonstrate the importance and value of detecting and anticipating pollutants that enter the river in the form of human waste, organic materials, and chemical contaminants
  • Sensors to monitor river pollution are an emerging technological approach in India.


The exercise is part of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project to support the programme of the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) to provide city-wide sanitation improvements in urban Andhra Pradesh.

Source : The Hindu

GS III: environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment


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