U.S. may tighten rules for foreign students

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Foreign students in the United States may be required to reapply every year for permission to stay in the country. The proposal under consideration by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is implemented.

Current regulations

  • International students can stay in the U.S. as long as they are enrolled for a programme.
  • Students who enter the U.S on F-1 visas are issued an entry document with an end date that states duration of stay which is theoretically open-ended.
  • They can stay as long as they have a valid I-20 document, which is issued by the university, with all details regarding the student’s programme of study, financing, etc.
  • They can also move from one programme to another and from one institution to another, by a notification to the DHS, based on a new I-20 document that the institution issues.

New proposal

  • If implemented, will make their visa status time-bound.

  • The proposed measures could increase costs and paper work for students and universities.
  • The proposal is part of an ongoing review of the immigration policy to ensure that it promotes the national interest, enhances national security and public safety and ensures the integrity of our immigration system.

Impact of new proposal

Indians are the fastest growing group  in the U.S with 1,66,000 students from India pursuing higher education in the U.S. A large majority of them pursue science, technology, engineering and math courses. Around 1.4 million international students are currently present in the U.S.

Source : The Hindu

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