China sends PLA unit to man overseas base

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China has dispatched People’s Liberation Army (PLA) personnel to man its first overseas military base at Djibouti in the strategic Indian Ocean region, a move likely to spark concerns in the U.S.

Why China establish military base ?

  • The establishment of the PLA Djibouti base was a decision made by the twoDjibouti countries after friendly negotiations, and accords with the common interest of the people from both sides.
  • The base will ensure China’s performance of missions, such as escorting, peace-keeping and humanitarian aid in Africa and West Asia.
  • The base will also conduct overseas tasks, including military cooperation, joint exercises, evacuating and protecting overseas Chinese and emergency rescue, as well as jointly maintaining security of international strategic seaways.

Concerns about the overseas military base at Djibouti

Deployment of troops in Djibouti in the strategic Indian Ocean region is likely  spark concerns in the US and India. The base could spark concerns in India as it is located in the strategic Indian Ocean region. The move to set up base in Djibouti is also likely to raise concerns in the US as the military base is just a few kilometres from Camp Lemonnier.

Source : The Hindu

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