Proxy voting raises many complex issues

Why in News

 Union Cabinet on Wednesday agreed to amend the electoral laws to let NRIs nominate04ki vote persons to vote on their behalf in the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.The Centre’s nod for `proxy’ voting rights for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) as a major step towards full democratic empowerment.

Need for Proxy voting

For millions of Indians working abroad the Cabinet decision, if implemented after getting Parliament approval, would be a major achievement.

Concerns over the proxy system

  • The proxy voting would lead to gross electoral abuse, particularly in the traditionally small-margin Assembly constituencies.
  • The nomination system would help parties to `buy votes’ from the NRIs’ nominees.

Alternative method instead of Proxy

  • Mahe residents have for long been voting online in the French elections.
  • The government to make Aadhaar mandatory for all, including the NRIs, for voting. And, the NRIs should be allowed to do e-voting from their workplaces overseas using the Aadhaar number.

Source : The Hindu

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