Swachh Bharat launches Swachh Survekshan Gramin 2017

Why In News

The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation  launched a third party verification survey report to take stock of the progress already made by the Mission in rural India. The Quality Council of India (QCI) has conducted a transparent third-party assessment of the present status of rural sanitation in all States and UTs, called Swachh Survekshan Gramin 2017.

Key facts of survey

  • QCI surveyed 1.4 lakh rural households across 4626 villages, and found the overall toilet coverage to be 62.45%.
  • At the time of the survey, i.e. May-June 2017, the Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) MIS reported the coverage to be 63.73%.
  • The survey also observed that 91.29% of the people having access to a toilet, use it.
  • Kerala and Haryana have topped the survey.
  • Northeastern States of Sikkim, Manipur and Nagaland have performed well with 95% rural households covered by toilets.
  • And so were the Himalayan States of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand with over 90% toilet coverage of the rural houses.
  • Tamil Nadu was the other performer as 79% rural households had access to a toilet.
  • Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were among the worst performers in terms of rural sanitation. In Bihar, only 30% of the rural household had access to toilets while Uttar Pradesh was marginally better at 37% . Another State, Jharkhand, too scored the same as U.P.
  • Gujarat  fared better in terms of rural sanitation as 85% of rural households had access to toilets.

Source : The Hindu

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